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Fifth Grade Dare Graduates!

Fifth Grade Dare Graduates!

Coming Soon! Mt. Hall Food Drive

We are having our annual Mt. Hall Food drive.  We will be collecting food from February 2nd to February 12th. We are hoping to collect at least 600 items of food.

Mt. Hall Coin Drive

Thank You! 

Our Mt. Hall coin drive to raise funds added $452 to the money raised for Hallie Olsen Myers bench.  Look for more information about the bench as Spring approaches.  Thank you to all students and parents who contributed! 


From the Principals Desk

November at Mt. Hall saw a wonderful Veteran’s Day and Citizen of the Month assembly, along with another highly successful auction.  Thank you to all who helped make those events positive and rewarding.  We would also like to extend a late “congratulations” to Mrs. Dillin who was chosen as the district Certified Employee of the Month in October along with VFW Elementary Teacher of the Year award.  She is more than deserving of both.

Thank you parents for making the effort to support your students and their teachers through your involvement in parent teacher conferences.  We had over 95% of our parents attend!

As the popular Christmas song states “baby, it’s cold outside”.  The cold weather has arrived with a vengeance.  Please make sure your students are being sent to school with proper clothing for the elements ( i.e. heavy coats, gloves, stocking caps, etc.)  It is important for the kids to get outside, but it is also important for them to be warm.

Likewise, this time of year also brings with it short days and the heightened chance of illness leading to a drop in our attendance.  Our goal for each student at Mt. Hall is at least 90% attendance.  But, we need your help.  Please make sure your students are getting adequate sleep and attention is being given to their health.  We want your kids happy, healthy, and learning! 

From the staff at Mt. Hall, we wish you a happy holiday season! 

Julie Dillin is the October Certified Employee of the Month

Mrs. Dillin has been an educator for 35 years!  For the past 12 years students who have entered Mt. Hall Elementary School have looked forward to the day that they get Mrs. Dillin as their teacher – and for good reason.   


Mrs. Dillin continues to be an excellent role model to her students and her school.  She does an excellent job of showing students what our school’s character traits of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring, and fairness look like in everyday, practical ways. 


A hallmark of Mrs. Dillin’s career has been her tried and true approach of teaching students in a way that holds them to high standards, pushes them to reach their goals, and makes a lasting impact on their lives that goes beyond the walls of our school. Through her caring and attentive approach students begin to understand their potential.

Mrs. Dillin has been an outstanding employee in our district in part because of her work ethic, positive attitude, creativity, and focus on students.  She exhibits concern for student well-being and is willing to put forth extra time and energy toward making her classroom and school great. 


As a new principal at Mt. Hall I have personally appreciated her candor, wisdom, and willingness to take the lead on school initiatives.  Her self-less nature and love for kids is why she is so appreciated by parents, staff, and students, and why she is deserving of this award.


Congratulations Mrs. Dillin!



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2nd Grade Owl Pellet Exploration

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